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Model application

Post by Admin on Mon Nov 26, 2012 10:49 pm

- Personal information:
Age (15 min):
Describe you:
Know other languages​​?:
Shows a picture of you?:

- Information on the game:

Former nicks:
How long playing:
Times Online:
Former Clans:
Why did you leave these clans?:
Pc config:
Favorite weapon:
As has ping server in BR and European server:
Any member of Bk invited you?:
What is your playing style?:
How much fps is?:
Ja was denied some clan?:
Has fragmovies?:
In what ways is it better?:
It has some skill out of the game? (sony vegas, after effects, web designer, designer paint, etc.):
Why do you want to be a Brutal Killers?:

- Communication

Uses xfire?:
MSN / Skype:
Youtube account?:
Has microphone?:
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