- Clan War

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- Clan War

Post by Ar3z on Fri Apr 20, 2012 11:29 pm

Clan Name / Clan Tag:
Date & Time:
Contact (Xfire):


Line up (5vs5 minimum 4 vs 4)
-No cheating or illigal modifications as CLEO mods or .ifp mods
-No driveby, helikill.
-No explosion exploiting to cause damage and use the explosion to damage the Other team.
-Cbug allowed and fast reload. All other bugs not allowed.
-Walking weapons.
-Weapon limits: 1 sniper and 1 spas per team.
-If someone crash/Timeout pause the round till he return or a sub is brought in.
-CP 30 Seconds
-Ping limit: 400
-No flaming.
-Random bases.
-Bugs: C-Bug allowed, No Knife bugs or Wall Knifes. No Map bugs.
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